The Transfiguration, or Shine, Jesus, Shine


“Jesus’ clothes began to glow whiter than white – whiter than any washing powder advert could make them… The disciples’ heads hurt – it was like trying to look at lightning. What was going on?” (from Beastly Bible Stories 5)

In church this Sunday we’ll be thinking about the Transfiguration. Things I love about this story: the way God gets straight to the point; the way Peter freaks out and burbles about building stuff. Questions I’m thinking about: Jesus only took Peter, James and John up the mountain with him, so how did Peter’s brother, Andrew, feel about being left behind? Did he sulk, especially when the others were’t allowed to tell him what had happened? And how exactly did the disciples recognise Moses and Elijah – did they have distinctive beards? What did God’s voice sound like? These thoughts and more were buzzing round my brain when I wrote ‘Blinding Light’ in Beastly Bible Stories 5 – read it for yourself!


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