This Sunday: the Saviour gets a soaking

The saviour gets a soaking
The Baptism of Jesus © Tim Benton

“Straight out of the sky a voice spoke. It was a one-of-a-kind Voice which was both louder than thunder and gentler than a lullaby. ‘YOU ARE MY BELOVED SON!’ the Voice said.” (from Beastly Bible Stories 5)

Mark’s gospel is breathless and action-packed: we are only eight verses in and grown-up Jesus is already being baptised by John the Baptist. Still wet from the river Jordan, Jesus is then driven into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit – not so gentle or dove-like now. Next stop: temptation, then angels.

Things to talk about in your Sunday school: Which bit of this story do you like best? What do you think being baptised in a river feels like? What do you think God’s voice sounds like? If you had been there, watching from the river bank, what would you have thought? Why do you think God spoke out at this moment? Why do you think the Holy Spirit appeared like a dove?

Leaders: children in your Sunday school can enter a competition for under 13s inspired by this picture of John baptising Jesus! All they have to do is name the little river rat who has sneaked into the picture and add 50 words of extra information about the rat’s life by the River Jordan. They can enter here – just use a parent’s or guardian’s email address and type answers in the Comment box. Win a full set of Beastly Bible Stories books! Closing date 1 March.

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