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Whether you are a parent, priest, Primary School teacher or a leader of Sunday School or Messy Church, the Beastly Bible Stories series has something for you…

Claire leading Beastly Bible storytelling in an all-age service

Help children to know and love the Bible: The Bible contains a whole library of weird, wonderful and extraordinary stories! The Beastly Bible Stories series invites children on an adventure from Genesis to Revelation. The stories are faithfully retold: there is nothing in them, however beastly, that is not in the Bible (killer bears included!) Children will meet God’s Old Testament movers and shakers, such as super-strong Samson, battle-winning King David and Moses the freedom fighter. Compared to these heroes, Jesus and his gospel of love are radically new. In Beastly Bible Stories Jesus is fresh and exciting – he’s the surprising Saviour who overturned everyone’s expectations. Each story ends with a short commentary on why it is important for Christians; children are also encouraged to think, wonder and ask questions for themselves.

The saviour gets a soaking
The Baptism of Jesus © Tim Benton

Combat boredom in church: Older children – especially boys – can get restless in Sunday School or Messy Church. Sound familiar? Beastly Bible Stories are dramatic to read aloud – there’s plenty of “URGH!” and “Aaaargh!” to grab children’s attention! Try a sample here. Children also want to engage with the rambunctious cartoons that illustrate each story. Some relish the gore, or enjoy spotting quirky features in the background; others have expressed such a strong desire to colour them in that we have produced the Beastly Bible Colouring Books just for them.

A must for every school library: The Bible contains a whole library of stories – they are dramatic, disgusting, wonderful or downright weird, but never dull. There are eight books to collect in the Beastly Bible Stories series – The Tremendous Old Testament and The Terrific New Testament – all illustrated with eye-popping cartoons. If you know children who go for the grisly stuff, they’ll love Beastly Bible Stories  – all the gore and more!

Access lively teaching resources that can be used straight off the page: whether you are a Primary School teacher looking for a resource to help you teach Christianity as part of the RE curriculum, or a Sunday School teacher in need of more exciting and varied activities, you’ll find a wealth of material in The Beastly Bible Stories Ultimate RE Curriculum, including a CD-Rom of printable resources. More details here.

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Host a Beastly Bible Stories event at your school or church: This special event will excite children’s interest in the extraordinary library of stories that is the Bible. They will meet the author and explore the stories through interactive storytelling, drama, art and creative writing – a day to remember! For more details, contact Claire.

Claire Benton-Evans is a qualified teacher with twenty years’ experience of working with children in church. She is the Youth and Children Officer for the Diocese of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church, for whom she created the UK’s first portable Play Church. She continues to write for Kevin Mayhew, and contributes regularly to Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine. Claire provides training across the UK for adults who work with children in church; she is fully CRB checked (PVG in Scotland) and is happy to lead Beastly Bible Events for schools and churches. For more information, visit Claire’s website or contact her.