“5 out of 5 stars. Entertaining, clever, sound theology! [These books are] long overdue…I wish they had been around before I retired from teaching. The stories are told in a straightforward, entertaining way and finish with a short explanation, very useful for the person reading the story and as a discussion point. Great for the specialist and non specialist.” W. F. Smith on 20 May 2017 via Amazon



“WOAH! Look! That baby’s being sick on Jesus! COOL!” Boys aged 4 and 6



“[Beastly Bible Stories 1] is as good as its title. It’s a bit horrid in places, and doesn’t spare any liberal blushes. It’s brave enough to let the stories stand for themselves. The most interesting was Job – “did God really let Satan do that?” G asked, and for the first time in reading a Bible story, my son had to really think, rather than the “message” being force-fed. He was left not with a conclusion, but a conversation he came back to – which really is the best thing a book can do. Here’s G’s observations: ‘I really liked the stories, and the way you can join in the sentences. I liked the way Job “gives evil the cold shoulder”. Some of the stories were scary, but I really enjoyed acting them afterwards.’” Rev P and his son G (age 7)