Beastly Bible Stories 1

PrintBiblical Beasts

  • The snake who spoiled everything – Adam and Eve
  • Wrestling with lions and setting fire to foxes – Strongman Samson’s animal adventures
  • Swallowed whole – Jonah and the sea monster

Bloodthirsty Battles

  • The all-night fight – Jacob’s wrestling match
  • Reduced to rubble – Joshua conquers Jericho
  • The giant killer – David and Goliath
  • The terrible tent peg murder – Warrior women: Deborah and Jael
  • God vs Satan – the gory story of Job

Powerful Prophets

  • God’s gift – Samuel: God’s truth teller and battle winner
  • On fire – Elijah’s extraordinary encounters with God
  • Death or glory – Isaiah’s prophecies
  • Bones, bodies and breath – Ezekiel’s visions

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