Beastly Bible Stories 4

PrintGhastly Ghosts

  • The ghost, the witch and the warning – the death of King Saul
  • The haunted hand – King Belshazzar’s feast and the writing on the wall

Mind-blowing Miracles

  • Eaten alive! – the lions’ den
  • Burned alive? – the fiery furnace
  • The sun stood still – Joshua’s longest day

The Great Escape

  • Burning bush – God gets Moses’ attention
  • Rod from God – Aaron’s miraculous staff
  • Blood, bugs and boils part 1 – the Ten Plagues: the first foul five
  • Blood, bugs and boils part 2 – the Ten Plagues: saving the worst for last
  • Gore on the door – the story of Passover
  • Walking under the waves – crossing the Red Sea
  • Free food! – bread from heaven

The Library of Hidden Stories

  • The boy, the dead fish and the demon – Tobias’ adventures with an angel
  • A sticky end – Judith wins the war
  • Danger! Unexploded cakes – Daniel defeats the dragon

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