Beastly Bible Stories 6

PrintOutrageous Outsiders

  • Unclean and unwelcome – Jesus heals lepers and a Samaritan
  • Greedy money-grabbers – Jesus welcomes tax collectors
  • Enemy invaders – Jesus helps a Roman centurion

Women and Children First

  • The special sisters – Martha and Mary
  • Kids welcome! – Jesus and children
  • The untouchable woman and the dying daughter – A double miracle

Troublemaking Teaching

  • Go away! – Jesus faces the devil and his neighbours
  • Throwing stones – Jesus stands up to a mob
  • ‘Love your enemies!’ – Jesus’ hard lessons
  • ‘Eat my body; drink my blood’ – Jesus shocks his followers
  • Topsy turvy – God’s upside-down kingdom
  • Trashing the Temple – Jesus puts his foot down

Jerusalem’s Most Wanted

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