The Beastly Bible Stories Ultimate RE Programme

The Beastly Bible Stories Ultimate RE Programme provides complete lesson plans for teaching Christianity at Key Stage 2. It is the ideal resource for RE teachers as they respond to recent challenges by schools inspectors to improve the teaching of Christianity in particular.

Books 1 & 3 cover the Old Testament; Book 2 covers the New Testament.

Includes CD – ROM

The Beastly Bible Stories Ultimate RE Programme features:

• A clear and straightforward focus on specific learning objectives and outcomes

• Complete lesson plans, including a helpful cover sheet with lesson overview and outline, timings and resources list

• The full text of each Beastly Bible Story

• Varied and imaginative curriculum-linked activities

• CD-ROM with vivid Beastly Bible Stories cartoons in full colour, plus printable resources

For example: invite pupils to compare and contrast these pictures…

In the first picture, young David is about to kill his people’s enemy, Goliath; in the second, Jesus is about to help his enemy, the Roman Centurion, by healing his servant. This shows pupils a major difference between the Old and New Testaments in the Bible. In the Old Testament, heroes kill their enemies; in the New Testament, Jesus tells his people to love their enemies. It’s just one reason why Jesus was really surprising, and why some of his own people wanted to get rid of him – they couldn’t stand the thought of having to love the Romans!
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